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73 minutes into the Big Three Allen key three

May 15 hearing Heat beat the Nets 96-94 at home, the Heat Eastern Conference semifinals with a total score 4-1 Nets Eastern Conference finals qualify for the fourth consecutive year, the Heat became the first team to enter the third round of the league's teams. Heat the fourth quarter last 4 minutes 49 seconds to win reversal blasted 13-3, the Big Three together to cut 73 points, Ray - Allen key three points, the last time a successful defense of James Joe - Johnson escorted Heat through. Joe - Johnson cut 34 points, 34 points and Joe - Johnson since 2011 playoff scoring high, Pierce 19 points, Deron Williams 17 points, Kevin Garnett (microblogging) 3 1 vote, 2 points and 8 rebounds.(nike shoes)

It is a critical moment, but also a corner ball - Ray Allen once again saved the Heat. Pointer with 32 seconds, 1 minute behind the Heat Nets, James Tupofenqiu money Moss, Chalmers shot himself but did not pass located in the bottom corner - Ray Allen. - Ray Allen before the shooting threes 6 0 can be described as cold hands, but he dropped it in the most need to firmly grasp the opportunity for long-range shooting bow and arrow. Joe - Johnson rushed up struggling, almost obscured - Ray Allen shooting sight, but the ball is still flying Joe - Johnson fingertips firmly into the Nets. With this goal, the Heat ahead two minutes to reverse the situation. Heat finally win promotion - Ray Allen with a deadly three-point away his former teammate Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.