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James scored 49 points record level

May 13 hearing Heat beat Nets 102-96 road , the Heat lead the Eastern Conference semifinals with a total score 3-1 Nets , Heat series of 14 consecutive road wins at least one break NBA ( microblogging ) playoff history. James 16 of 24 shots in 49 minutes flat cut career playoff scoring record , becoming the first since 2009 to reach the playoffs, scoring 49 points in the NBA players, record players Heat playoff scoring high. Bosh ( microblogging ) 12 points in the crucial fourth one-third , Wade ( microblogging ) 15 points. Nets scored in double Nanwanbaiju 5 , Pierce 16 points , Joe - Johnson 18 points , Deron Williams 13 points and seven assists .
The field star : James hit a new high in team history to win rivals (nike shoes)

After winning the third field in the Nets , Pierce said he knows how to defend James, he is not afraid of the people in today's league , James admitted that he did not want to dwell on the war of words , what is stronger still speak with the game. The campaign , James took the start from the first section of his teeth Sike attitude , the first 12 minutes , the second 13 points, third quarter 15 points entering the fourth quarter have been gains 40 points. In the critical fourth quarter , James scored a layup to stop the onslaught Nets momentum into the Heat dropped three smooth the war , eventually led the team to narrowly win. Match, James 16 of 24 shots in 3 -pointers six free throws in 14 mad 19 penalty split 49 points , Pierce 6 of 11 shots to get 16 points. James Ping career playoff scoring record , James had to get in the May 21, 2009 Cavaliers lost to the Magic in the game 49 points. 49 points is the Heat players playoff scoring high , the original record was Wade April 26, 2010 Miami wins the Celtics created 46 points.