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Bryant: Michael Jordan had 42 points for me to take halftime spray useless trash

Beijing May 11 hearing, according to "lakerholicz" message , Bryant ( microblogging ) previously participated in the famous American talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live", in the interview which , Fei Xia talked about many topics , he also revealed that , when got 81 points in his post , Jordan had said in his possession can never get 80 points , but in fact, Bryant was in the game against the Wizards got inside Jordan had 42 points halftime .

Jordan said Bryant had 42 points to take the head halftime

Bryant , who had to get in the game against Toronto shock the splendid 81 points , but as NBA ( microblogging ) history's most outstanding player , Michael Jordan career scoring record , but also only 69 points , which , when Jordan Review also let it be known that if they defend Fei Xia , rather foul comeback at the expense does not make it easy to score , when it comes to this story , Peter Pan still seems brooding Bryant's 81 points when miracles .

"Michael will continue to spray trash at me , a few years after I get 81 points , he had said , I never got him 80 points - ' You can not get 80 points on my body , I will not let you get easy scoring opportunities , will always use foul to stop you until fouled out ! ' Yes, we always come to me so that you respond to each other a few . " Bryant recalls.

But Peter Pan also said that he would remind Jordan , told the latter that his remarks were wrong. "Faced with Michael - Jordan ( provocation ) , I will remain calm under normal circumstances , because I respect him very much , but in some special cases, I also had to remind him that I was in a game inside of him when the first half had to get over 42 points ...... "Bryant said. (nike shoes)

Yes, Bryant said yes, in 2003 the Lakers game against the Wizards , the Flying Man then get in the game 55 points, including 42 first half points lower boom , by contrast, trapeze on the spot game just got 23 points , but the game is the NBA, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan last showdown.

How 55 per night truth ?

11 years ago, Bryant zenith stage , still less than 25 years old, and then Jordan has been a 40 -year-old , even if Father Peter Pan really ringing off the hook , which is not a glorious thing, after all , the two peak not in the same period of the era , has never had a real sense of the contest. jordan shoes

Moreover , a special someone debunked this " terrible lie" , the Bryant against Jordan 55 per night for a lot of the fact that reduction, although Peter Pan in the game feel hot spot , but his direct and Jordan shot only for attack and defense but a mere five times , and in this position five times for them, flying Man shot twice misalignment ball butt appeared twice , and once suffered steals , someone quipped: " Kobe Bryant on the offensive end is not off the hook Jordan , but the 40 -year-old trapeze ringing off the hook with a young defense flying Man . "

History does not change , just like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are two parallel lines do not intersect , as the NBA 's two best shooting guard history , their theoretical speculation that the contest can only be limited , so any comparison of the two are related and PK just a false proposition .