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Bryant confirmed that 100% of the body revealed that six months of rehabilitation recovery plan

- Kobe Bryant today participated in the " " Jimmy feather show (Jimmy Kimmel Live) ", revealed his physical condition. He said his body has been recovered 100 percent , but the state needs to find a process that has now developed a recovery plan for six months after the start of 2014-15 season, hope to find state. Bryant ( microblogging ) Again, their goal next season is to win, he believes his goals consistent with the Bass family .

"From a health perspective , I now have 100% recovery , I now do a lot of field training , into my recovery program and I need to be next weightlifting strength training , conduct training , etc. I hate running . To the new the beginning of the season , which I am almost ready . " Bryant himself said . Lakers Kobe Bryant official body has previously announced 100% recovery , Bryant himself confirmed the news and revealed he has a six-month recovery plan .(nike shoes)

The final reimbursement Bryant left Achilles tendon rupture season 2012-13 season , the 2013-14 season after his comeback played only six games on a knee injury , reimbursement season again . He averaged 13.8 points, 6.3 assists and 4.3 rebounds while shooting 42.5 % from three shooting only 18.8 percent , averaging two-thirds vote of 0.5 . Bryant six games in this state is getting better, gradually increase the shot and aggressive, but unfortunately injured again, and the season .

"I believe the Lakers can win next season , we will certainly make a change if you want to build a team , some of the features are essential , such as speed, altitude , rebounding and defense , we are going to make some of these areas adapt and adjust . " Bryant continued. The Lakers made ​​only 27 wins this season, 55 losses record , ranking second in the Western countdown , marking the worst record since the Lakers moved to Los Angeles .

"Jimmy ( Bass ) and Jenny ( Bass ) , they have a great commitment to the new season , the possibilities for the new season are also very excited - the team will inherit their father's legendary inherited their father's accomplishments , for redevelopment. they also know the challenges faced have been seriously discussed these issues and they are very united , did not want anything extra , except going to make the team better outside , so I'm sure the team will embark the right path , can win . " Bryant said .

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers this season, signed a two -year $ 48.5 million contract for the next two seasons will remain with the Lakers . Because the high renewal Bryant , the Lakers received total impact of salary next season , can not afford to be completed within one season completely rebuilt . They face renewed Paul - Gasol problem also faced the problem of the introduction of a superstar . However, because of poor record this season, the Lakers , they expected to get a high draft pick for the right . ( Innocence )