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Janeway fourth Savior Heat 45 points total score of 1-1 wins Pacers
May 21 hearing Heat beat the Pacers 87-83 away, the Heat will pull the total score of the Eastern Conference finals 1-1. James 22 points, seven rebounds and six assists, Wade (microblogging) 23 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, the Heat team got 25 points including 22 fourth quarter points from James and Dwyane Wade, two giant distal Pacers beat off the attack climax . Pacers starters scored in double figures Nanwanbaiju, Stevenson 25 points level career playoff scoring record, Hibbert 12 points and 13 rebounds, George 4 of 16 shots to get 14 points. Walker campaign played not bad, starting five players score in double figures, Stevenson got tied a career playoff scoring record of 25 points, Hibbert double-double, but they still lost ball, because the Heat have James and Dwyane Wade. James played the first three quarters in the game 5 of 11 shots in general scored 10 points, the first person to fourth in the league today show dominant single shot 4 H-7 for 12 points, 9 points to lead the Miami Heat during chopped reverse the situation. Wade got 13 first half points, Section 2 0 vote crop failure, "Lightning Man" also broke out in the fourth quarter, this section five shots into the Pila 10 points. Heat team to get 25 points in the fourth quarter, James Wade teamed up to win one of 22 points over Pacers team even more distal score 2 points. Heat 20 points last campaign arranged by James Wade, the two giants with super personal ability to solve the fighting. from