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May 16 hearing 98-104 loss to the Clippers at home to the Thunder

May 16 hearing 98-104 loss to the Clippers at home to the Thunder, with a total score of 2-4 outs, following a controversial penalty after a match occurs, the game appeared again controversial penalty. Thunder is the cut Western Conference finals, will clash with Spurs.

The field star: Durant Taifashenwei nike shoes

Adu first section of the performance is quite sluggish, once 7 1 vote, then the game can be just like him hanging open like Taifashenwei, the audience eventually produce a 39 points, 16 rebounds and five assists for the respondents, including eight three-pointers to vote 5, no match heroics.

Comments after the game: Rivers stand stay

赛后里弗斯 is very frustrating, but in an interview he still expressed his determination to stay. "I am still under contract with the Clippers, I did not intend to go to other teams and we are a team to continue moving forward, I think that this year we have been good enough, you can go all out to win, but the Thunder but with action tells us that we have enough heat. "